Norvell Spray Tan Agreement: All You Need to Know

Are you thinking of getting a spray tan but don`t know where to start? One of the best options available in the market today is Norvell Spray Tan. Norvell has been a leading brand in the sunless tanning industry for over 35 years, providing customers with high-quality tanning products and services.

If you`re planning to get a Norvell Spray Tan, you have to sign a Norvell Spray Tan Agreement. This agreement outlines the terms and conditions that you must follow when getting a spray tan. Here`s what you need to know about the Norvell Spray Tan Agreement.

1. Consent

By signing the Norvell Spray Tan Agreement, you are giving your consent to receive a spray tan. It`s important that you understand the risks involved with spray tanning, such as allergic reactions or skin irritations. The agreement will also inform you about potential side effects and the steps you can take to minimize them.

2. Preparation

The Norvell Spray Tan Agreement will also provide you with instructions on how to prepare for your spray tan. You will be advised to exfoliate and shave at least 24 hours before your appointment to ensure that the solution adheres evenly to your skin. You will also be advised to avoid using any lotions, oils, or perfumes on the day of your appointment as they can affect the outcome of your tan.

3. Aftercare

The Norvell Spray Tan Agreement will also outline the steps you need to take after your spray tan to ensure that it lasts longer. You will be advised to avoid showering or sweating for at least 8 hours after your appointment. You will also be given tips on how to maintain your tan, such as moisturizing regularly and avoiding harsh chemicals.

4. Liability

The Norvell Spray Tan Agreement will also outline the liability of both parties involved. As a customer, you will be responsible for disclosing any medical conditions or allergies that may affect your spray tan. Norvell, on the other hand, will be responsible for ensuring that their products are safe and effective.

In conclusion, the Norvell Spray Tan Agreement is an important document that you must read and understand before getting a spray tan. It provides you with valuable information on how to prepare, care for, and maintain your tan, and also outlines the liability of both parties involved. By signing this agreement, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable spray tanning experience.