Auditorium Soundproofing & Acoustic Treatment Solutions

Auditoriums serve as vibrant platforms for learning, entertainment, and cultural expression, hosting events for educational institutions, communities, businesses, and more. As large spaces accommodating a significant number of people, these environments necessitate advanced acoustic and soundproofing treatments to ensure optimal audio experience for all attendees.

Versatile Acoustics is proud to offer a variety of soundproofing solutions to improve the auditory quality of auditoriums. Key products include SoundAxe wooden acoustic panels, Acoustic foam panels, Sound Absorbing: Sound Insulation Pads, and Sound Barriers: MLV, all contributing to enhancing the auditorium's acoustic quality.

Implementing our soundproofing solutions correctly reduces unwanted noise disturbances like echo, reverb, bass reflections, and mic distortions, fostering a better auditory environment.


MLV : Mass Loaded Vinyl

Versatile Acoustics' Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) is a high-density, flexible noise barrier that easily spreads across floors and walls for superior sound isolation. Particularly effective for blocking low-frequency sounds, MLV is an essential component of auditorium soundproofing. Our MLV comes in roll form and is available in various thicknesses to suit your unique requirements.

Sound Insulation Pad

The Versatile Acoustics Sound Insulation Pad is a fire-retardant, polyurethane-based sound absorber. Efficient at blocking high and mid-frequency sounds, this sound insulation pad is a top-tier, non-carcinogenic product for wall and ceiling soundproofing. It is available in sheet form and can be easily affixed to any surface using our SR adhesive.


Wooden Acoustic Panels

SoundAxe Wooden Acoustic Panels by Versatile Acoustics are pre-fabricated 23”x23”x1” acoustic panels that can be readily affixed to existing wall systems. Whether aligned adjacently or arranged in a unique design pattern, these panels significantly enhance both the sound quality and visual appeal of an auditorium.

Acoustic Foam Panels

Our Acoustic Foam Panels are renowned for their superior sound absorption capabilities. Available in various sizes and designs to match each project's specific needs, they play a crucial role in reducing sound reflections. Our most popular models include the Turbo and Groove acoustic foam panels, which have a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) greater than 0.90, ensuring top-tier sound quality in your space.