Classroom Soundproofing & Acoustic Treatment

In today’s world we have an upcoming market and demand of online education. While teaching we need a peaceful and reverb free environment to make effective and high quality videos. With Versatile acoustics Sound Absorbing acoustic foam panels, the acoustic problem is can be controlled easily.
With the use of soundproof curtains, the sound transmission problem from windows can be controlled too. Versatile acoustics manufactures high quality soundproofing and acoustic panels for online classes and education.

Within education, there are three factors you need to consider in order to succeed:

1. Reduce the disturbance from background low-frequency noise
2. Make sure the whole school gets the proper acoustic treatment
3. Choose safe products

If you achieve this, there will be many benefits for both students and teachers:

• Greater understanding of speech
• Better short term and long term memory
• Lower stress levels and blood pressure
• Better reading ability and test results for students
• Less voice problems for teachers


SoundBlanket® MLV : Mass Loaded Vinyl

SoundBlanket® Mass Loaded Vinyl noise barrier is a high density soundproofing membrane which can easily spread on floor, ceiling and walls to isolate the sound from one space to another. Mass loaded vinyl is used for auditorium soundproofing to block low frequency sounds. MLV comes in roll form and is available in different thickness.

Acoustic Foam Panels

Acoustic foam panels are used widely to absorb sound reflections and are rated best in acoustic treatment products. The product comes in various sizes, colors and designs to suit every project’s need. The most liked design is Pyramid, Turbo and Wedge acoustic foam panel. The NRC of this product is greater than 0.90. Best for studios, home theatres, conference halls, offices etc.