Hotel Rooms & Banquets: Soundproofing & Acoustic Solutions

An uninterrupted night's sleep has become a cornerstone of hotel advertising campaigns in recent years. Therefore, soundproofing your hotel is essential to ensure your guests can rest undisturbed. In an increasingly competitive market, soundproofing your hotel can be a significant point of differentiation.

Luxury and boutique hotels require comprehensive soundproofing in walls and floors to mitigate intra-room noise and floor vibrations. Versatile Acoustics' noise barriers and absorbers are designed to provide an optimal sound environment for your guests.

Luxury hotels often house discotheques and banquet halls, necessitating soundproofing and acoustic treatments to contain the sound and ensure guest comfort during their sleep.

Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV)

Our high-density Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) is a robust soundproofing membrane that can easily be applied to floors, ceilings, and walls to isolate sound from one space to another. Widely used for blocking low-frequency sounds, MLV comes in roll form and is available in various thicknesses.


Low Frequency Absorber

Our Low Frequency Absorber is a high-density polyurethane product designed to block high and mid sound frequencies. It adheres easily to brick walls, wooden walls, and other surfaces. Mainly utilized within wall grid sections as a substitute for mineral wool in sound absorption, its high density allows for placement on floors beneath carpets or wooden flooring to reduce sound transmission.