Hotel Rooms & Banquet Soundproofing & Acoustic Treatment Products

A good night's sleep has been the main focus of advertising campaigns for hotels in recent years, so soundproofing your hotel can be vital so that your guests can rest without being disturbed. Soundproofing your hotel could also be an important point of difference in your ever-more-crowded market.

A luxury or boutique hotels needs major soundproofing in walls and floors to stop inta room noise and intra storey footstep vibrations. Versatile Acoustics noise barriers and absorbers are perfect for maintaining the best sound environment for your guests.

All luxury hotels have discotheques and banquet halls that needs soundproofing and acoustic treatments so that the sound remains inside and the guests are in sleeping comfortably

SoundBlanket® MLV : Mass Loaded Vinyl

SoundBlanket® Mass Loaded Vinyl noise barrier is a high density soundproofing membrane which can easily spread on floor, ceiling and walls to isolate the sound from one space to another. Mass loaded vinyl is used for auditorium soundproofing to block low frequency sounds. MLV comes in roll form and is available in different thickness.


BassBloc® : Low Frequency Absorber

BassBloc® is a high-density polyurethane based bass absorber which easily blocks high and mid sound frequencies. Easily sticks over brick wall, wooden wall, Soundblanket®, cement board etc with adhesive. Majorly used inside the wall grid sections in replacement of mineral wool for sound absorption. Because of it’s high density it can be used on floors and covered with carpets or wooden flooring for reducing the sound transmission.