Window,Doors, Walls & Ceiling Soundproofing Treatment

Noisy neighbors and traffic outside keeping you awake at night? Soundproof curtain acts as a barrier on existing windows and reduces tremendous amount of sound. Soundproof curtains are best alternative for soundproof windows and doors.

BassBloc®, Acoustic Foam and SoundBlanket® are easy to install and act as an effective noise suppression barrier between walls, stopping what’s on the outside from getting in!

Add Acoustic PET Panels on wall that looks incredible and means your neighbours can enjoy their late night film screenings while you sleep soundly. Add our SoundBlanket under floor insulation to any flooring type to silence heavy footed people upstairs. Need a home office away from the busy household? Add our acoustic wall cavity fill behind a stud wall to create a space where you can focus without unwanted distraction.

Soundproofing Curtains

Introducing 3 Layer soundproofing curtain for doors and windows to block outside noise. Made from Premium Acoustic fabric in front and back with a heavy density SoundBlanket core in the middle.Block noise from one room to another. Get rid of InTraffic Nosie, Car Bike Horns, Birds Chirpoing, Dog Barks, Wedding Bands, Neighbour Noises, Temple Rings, Construction Noise, Market Hustle etc. SoundBlanket Soundproof Curtains comes with required premium hardware. 4 Nos of hanging hooks, Screws, Self attached velcro and Pre-attached brass eye lids.Easy to clean with wet cloth and vaccum cleaners. The curtain can retract and folded when not in use. Comes with holding bels to hold the folded curtain at the top.


Acoustic Foam Panels

Acoustic foam panels are used widely to absorb sound reflections and are rated best in acoustic treatment products. The product comes in various sizes, colors and designs to suit every project’s need. The most liked design is Pyramid, Turbo and Wedge acoustic foam panel. The NRC of this product is greater than 0.90. Best for studios, home theatres, conference halls, offices etc.


Acoustic PET Panels

Versatile Acoustics Echsorbix polyester acoustic panels are designed to absorb echo transmissions. Made from 100% polyester with flame retardant and water resistance properties, its suitable for all type of industries. Echsorbix Polyester Acoustic Panels are available in different colours and are easy to cut thus gives an aesthetic look to the interiors of the place.

SoundBlanket® MLV : Mass Loaded Vinyl

SoundBlanket® Mass Loaded Vinyl noise barrier is a high density soundproofing membrane which can easily spread on floor, ceiling and walls to isolate the sound from one space to another. Mass loaded vinyl is used for auditorium soundproofing to block low frequency sounds. MLV comes in roll form and is available in different thickness.


BassBloc® : Low Frequency Absorber

BassBloc® is a high-density polyurethane based bass absorber which easily blocks high and mid sound frequencies. Easily sticks over brick wall, wooden wall, Soundblanket®, cement board etc with adhesive. Majorly used inside the wall grid sections in replacement of mineral wool for sound absorption. Because of it’s high density it can be used on floors and covered with carpets or wooden flooring for reducing the sound transmission.

SoundAxe® : Wooden Acoustic Diffusers

Introducing easy to install SoundAxe® wooden acoustic diffusers. The panels is sized 595x595x25mm which consist of a 3mm high density wooden top and 22mm sound absorbing acoustic foam. The combination of grooves on the wood diffuses the sound and the hollow acoustic foam part absorbs the sound.
The multi function Soundaxe wooden acoustic panels is one of its kind and widely used in projects for improving sound quality .