Manufacturing Plant & Factory Soundproofing & Acoustic Treatment

Manufacturing plants and factories require efficient and cost-effective soundproofing treatments to limit noise leakage and indoor sound reflections. The common use of ear-muffs in such environments can be substantially decreased with proper sound treatments. Versatile Acoustics offers premium sound absorbers and noise isolators to tackle these sound issues.

Integrating dense layers of soundproofing products helps to achieve the desired acoustic environment within a factory. Our recommendation includes a three-layer soundproofing and acoustic treatment: the first layer being a high-density sound isolator, the second layer consisting of a low-frequency absorber, and the final layer composed of Versatile Acoustics foam panels to absorb mid and high frequencies.

High-Density MLV: Mass Loaded Vinyl

Our High-Density Mass Loaded Vinyl is a soundproofing membrane that can be easily installed on floors, ceilings, and walls to isolate sound from one space to another. This high-density vinyl is particularly effective for blocking low-frequency sounds. Our MLV is available in roll form and comes in various thicknesses.


High-Density Polyurethane: Low Frequency Absorber

Our High-Density Polyurethane Bass Absorber effectively blocks high and mid-frequency sounds. It can be conveniently adhered to brick walls, wooden walls, our high-density vinyl, cement boards, and more. This product is primarily used within wall grid sections as a replacement for mineral wool for superior sound absorption. Given its high density, it can be used on floors and covered with carpets or wooden flooring to further reduce sound transmission.

Acoustic Foam Panels

Our Acoustic Foam Panels are extensively used to absorb sound reflections and are rated as one of the best products in acoustic treatment. Available in various sizes, colors, and designs to suit every project's needs, the Pyramid, Turbo, and Wedge designs are particularly favored. These panels boast a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) greater than 0.90, making them ideal for studios, home theaters, conference halls, offices, and more.